Glow finishing powder is now available for retail purchase. It is a full body finishing powder that can be used right after your spray tan or anytime you want your skin to feel silky soft with an amazing light fresh scent. In direct light or sunlight you will be able to see a beautiful light shimmer on your skin. It is just the perfect amount of sparkle. 


Uses for your own personal jar of Glow By Erin finishing powder:

- If you are sprayed with an 8 hour solution, reapplying before going out in the evening or before bedtime for silky soft skin while sleeping.

- Applying after using at home self-tanners or extenders.

- Applying before workouts to help create a soft barrier for less spray tan rub off and reapplying after workouts to freshen up!

- Use anytime you want to add a little extra soft feel and sparkle to your skin.

- And a customer favorite we are told... Best dry shampoo ever! We will not disagree!

Tropical Scent

Size: This 50 gram size jar contains 1.5 ounces of finishing powder. This is double the amount that is in most retail finishing powder jars. 


Note: Glow By Erin Finishing powders are very clean products. The powder is an all natural and hypoallergenic product that contains no preservatives. This powder is talc free, paraben free, nut free, gluten free and cruelty free.

Glow Shimmer Powder

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