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Airbrush Tanning

Each session begins with a pre-treatment to exfoliate and balance the pH of your skin.

Your tan will be applied by one of our professional technicians, using a spa quality airbrush tanning solution with an extra boost of vitamins and antioxidants for that "just off the beach" glow.

Airbrush Tanning Menu:

Mediterranean or Caribbean $40

3 Sessions $105

5 Sessions $150

Groups can share above packages.

Pageant/Cheer/Dance Tan - $25

for our beauties 12 and under


Solution Upgrades:

Mediterranean Plus + $5 - all the benefits of a brown-violet base with boosted dha and bronzer to take your tan to the next level.

Cosmo Solution +$5 - organically based with Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Tomato Extract and Cranberry Extract provide healing, anti-ageing and antioxidants.

Quickie Tan + $15 - rinse as soon as 1 hour after application, up to 4 hours for darkest tan.
Ultra Dark solution designed for bodybuilding competitors available by request

Available Additives:
Slim and Smooth +$10 - smoothes the appearance of cellulite. Starts working in about 30 minutes, lasts 2-3 days.

Collagen Boost +$5 - improve skin elasticity to firm and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and creping.

Vitamin Bath +$5 - a boost of amino acids and vitamins enriched to brighten skin tone & reduce inflammation, making it look younger and more supple.

DHA drops +$5 - achieve a deeper, darker tan. Each dropper boots tan 1-2 shades.

Hydration Lift +$5 - formulated with breakthrough Triluronic acid technology, provides deep

hydration immediately after application, replenishes hyaluronic acid within skin, and repairs skin barrier function to retain moisture.

Post Tan Options

Hydration treatment +$5 - works instantly to enhance spray tanning results and rehydrates skin.
Maintains and extends the tan.

Glow Finishing Powder +$5 - the icing on the cake!

Eliminates sticky feeling and helps protect your tan in places that touch. Soft, pleasant scent and shimmer!

At your location:

$50 trip charge to come to you

We offer a full line of products specifically designed for enhancing and extending the life of your mist tan.

About Mist Tanning

Tips for your appointment & FAQ's

No rays, no risk of skin damage. Just beautiful color.

Serious Tan. Seriously Fast. UV-FREE.

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