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At Mandalay Mist, we LOVE mist tanning!


We have been tanning clients exclusively with our sunless mist since 2004, and have perfected our mist tanning process so that we can teach anyone how to achieve an even, natural-looking, perfect summer glow without exposure to harmful UV-rays.

Our VersaSpa Pro™ mist-tanning spa features the latest in sunless technology. In this open-air, heated, private spray booth, you are voice-guided through simple steps to achieve the perfect tan. With multiple solutions and levels, everyone one, and every skin type, can achieve the perfect tan! This is luxury sunless tanning! 

We also offer custom Airbrush tanning. Your tan will be applied by one of our professional technicians, using a spa quality airbrush tanning solution with an extra boost of vitamins and antioxidants for that "just off the beach" glow.

Still not convinced that YOU TOO can achieve a great tan in just a matter of minutes? Don’t worry, our friendly yet professional staff gives each client personal attention, along with lots of tips and tricks, to ensure a great, natural-looking tan!

Simply the finest quality, easiest to use, most effective UV-Free spray tanning system and personal self-tanning products in the industry.

Benefits of Mist Tanning 

1) Achieve a beautiful, natural “healthy glow” without the risk of skin damage, cancers and melanomas, moles, freckles, sunspots, leathery skin, wrinkles…!!

2) It’s FAST! A single session leaves you with a beautiful tan like you’ve just returned back from a week in Hawaii! No need for multiple sessions to build-up a “base tan”.

3) It works on every skin type – even those who cannot tan conventionally.

4) It camouflages bruises, veins, and stretch marks.

5) You’ll look like you’ve lost 10 lbs!

6) It makes your outfit!!

Tips for your appointment & FAQ's


VersaSpa Pro™

Airbrush tanning

No rays, no risk of skin damage. Just beautiful color.

Serious Tan. Seriously Fast. UV-FREE.

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