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Tips for your tan appointment and a perfect spray tan!

We love mist tanning and we want you to love your mist tan too!

Proper skin-prep and after-care help to ensure optimal spray tan results.

Short version! (Longer version below)

Before the salon:

Arrive with clean skin, free of lotions/oils and perfumes.

Best to shower at least 2 hours prior to allow amino acids to replenish.

Plan to wear loose fitting clothing (preferably cotton, and not white)

and sandals to and from your session, and until you shower.

*If it’s raining, wear loose fitting pants and long sleeve shirt

to protect your tan while we walk you to your car with our umbrella!

At the salon:

Consider a pH-balancing Pre-Treatment: 

incl in Airbrush service, $5 add-on for VersaSpa Pro

Consider a Post-Tan Hydrating Treatment: 

$5 add-on, see details: Airbrush or VersaSpa Pro


After the salon:

For best results, you should wait to shower at least 4 to 8 hours after VersaSpa Pro session, 8-24 hours after Airbrush, and avoid physical activity that may cause you to perspire before you shower. (*Except Rapid solution, which can be showered in 1-3 hours.)

Use gentle cleansers, and water-based moisturizers.

Avoid using oil-based moisturizers, as oils cause the tan to deteriorate faster and unevenly.

We offer a full line of products specifically designed for enhancing and extending the life of your mist tan, and moisturizing and beautifying your skin.

**Stop in before your tanning session, and get 25% off your exfoliator and/or body wash purchase to best prepare your skin! Just show your booking confirmation email at purchase.** 

Longer version! Here are some other helpful tips!

 If possible, shower, exfoliate, shave, and moisturize the day before tanning!


It is best to avoid creamy soaps (like Dove) prior to your tanning session.

It is beneficial to exfoliate before your appointment!  After cleaning with soap, use a wash cloth, exfoliating gloves, or a sisal mitt/brush to exfoliate dry skin cells and oils from your skin. (Note, poofs and loofahs tend to work unevenly.) If you want a boost, you can use plain sugar from your kitchen pantry! Avoid store bought body scrubs that contain oils (check the ingredients!), as oils block the absorption of the spray tan. We sell exfoliators and body washes at the salon, which are specifically made to prepare and support your sunless tan. 

Avoid a fresh shave on the day of your tanning session. Shaving actually leaves a hole in the hair follicle where solution can settle and leave brown dots. Plan to shave the day before, or with a new razor the day after you tan.


Deodorant can block the tan, and also might turn the bronzer a green tint in those areas. (Some brands, not all, and it washes off.) But it's Florida!!... Use or skip at your discretion.



PRE-SUNLESS pH-BALANCING TREATMENT (Incl w/ Airbrush, $5 Upgrade for VersaPro)

pH balancing Perfector pre-treatment instantly balances your skins pH levels, increases absorption by dispersing its natural oils, and maximizes hydration before each session. 


Super-hydrating post-treatment, helps to replenish your skin’s vital nutrients, and deepen and extend your tan's color after a session. 


To maintain your glow:

Gently Cleanse!

Use a mild cleanser (like VersaSpa or CalTan's pH balancing shower cleanser, sold in the salon) and gently pat dry when drying off from your shower.    


Be sure to hydrate your newly tanned skin! Use a water-based moisturizer, and avoid products with mineral oil or petroleum (those with oil or petroleum in the first 5 ingredients). Many high-end and baby lotions are water-based. 


For best results, use one of our tan extending moisturizers, and get up to two weeks from your sunless tan!

Be aware, swimming and soaking in water (bath, pool, ocean) will greatly decrease the number of days you will get from your tan. 


VersaSpa Pro™

Airbrush tanning

No rays, no risk of skin damage. Just beautiful color.
Serious Tan. Seriously Fast. UV-FREE.

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